Winegrowers in the belluno dolomites

When origin becomes synonymous with quality

Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in a world that smells of pristine greenery and freshly hand-picked grapes on steep mountain slopes.

Tenuta Crodarossa owes its name to the typical red colour of the rock that characterises the stratigraphy of the soil in the Pre-Alps, known in dialect as ‘Croda’.
The same rock that had to be crushed and levelled to find fertile soil for vines and their cultivation in this magnificently extreme environment.
A sometimes impervious and rough terrain, in which, however, different biodiversities have found a welcoming environment, a place that is the home of a passionate family and a project that was born with total respect for nature and the environment.

Wines that speak Belluno, the red rock of the Pre-Alps and the silent gaze of the Dolomites: this is the spirit that at Colderù di Borgo Valbelluna, 468 metres above sea level, translates into wines of excellence and that speak of the mountains.

A choice of life

Embracing tradition and research

Hospitality and conviviality are the values of Paolo Remini, the master winemaker of Tenuta Crodarossa who, together with Martina, Nicole and Andrea, decided to take the road to mountain winemaking.

Feeling at home” is the sentiment that dominates when Remini tells of his choice of life, devoted to the green and a return to his origins, while uncorking a bottle in company that with its taste tells of landscapes, traditions and vocations sip after sip.

Paolo and his family decided to preserve the environmental heritage that surrounds them by choosing to plant resistant vines and joining the PIWI INTERNATIONAL association, but also by being among the first to support the Belluno area association Consorzio Coste del Feltrino which, with an important historicity documented by the statute of independent winegrowers of 1517, still cultivates the pebbly slopes of Monte Aurin.


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