Monte Aurin

Rediscovering authenticity on the slopes of Monte Aurin

The value of getting together

“In vino regolas”

Viticulture in the Belluno area is an ancient fact, testified to by a precious document in the archives of the municipality of Feltre, the Statute of the winegrowers of Monte Aurin of 1517, but it has only been rediscovered in this wonderful area in the last decade.

In fact, it was the early years of the 2000s that turned the tide in the lives of a few pioneer farmers, while most of the land was either left uncultivated, or devoted to the massive production of more traditional crops.
The advent of a new mountain agriculture and the increasing search for contact with nature have paved the way for a close-knit, albeit heterogeneous, group of winegrowers.

Today, Crodarossa is part of a network of 12-member companies, the Consorzio Vini Coste del Feltrino, which has gone in search of its authenticity in the Monte Aurin lands, recovering those slopes abandoned over time and continuing to grow precisely by planting vineyards with indigenous varieties such as Pavana, Bianchetta, Gata and Turca.