50 shades of…Solaris

Col del Jevero and Derù: craftsmanship can be felt sip after sip.

Of the five PIWI wine varieties, the one that stands out from the others both among the wineries that choose this grape variety and in terms of quantity of grapes produced is certainly Solaris.

Tenuta Crodarossa did not only choose this type of vine for its rows because of the large quantities of raw material, but also and above all because of the properties of its white grape, which has a high sugar content.
This detail makes the wine with a fruity bouquet sometimes reminiscent of pineapple or hazelnuts and, on the palate, it has a good harmonic and alcoholic structure.

Two wines, Derù and Col del Jevero, of Tenuta Crodarossa, have the same soul as Solaris grapes but two different characters.
These ‘cousin’ wines also come from the same production area, in Borgo Valbelluna, and yet, why do they stand out so differently on the palate and nose?

Paolo Remini, CEO and Tenuta Crodarossa sommelier, explains:

“Pare scontato dirlo, ma la differenza tra queste bottiglie è data dal momento successivo alla vendemmia, che in Crodarossa eseguiamo rigorosamente a mano e selezionando i migliori grappoli, quando l’uva arriva in cantina per la trasformazione e l’artigianalità del vino è affidata alle mani dell’enologo”.

He goes on: “Derù is a Martinotti method sparkling wine, which matures 60 days in autoclaves and whose previous vinification takes place in white, by means of soft pressing; while for the IGT Veneto Col del Jevero, the process is more complex and is aimed at enhancing 100% of the flavour nuances of the Solaris grape variety, even with three months’ refinement in the bottle.

The magic of the grape, which through the supervision of the oenologist and his artisanal processes is transformed into wine, therefore makes two products, which in their common starting point, from the Solaris grape variety, make their way to two different flavours, perfect to be enjoyed through a combined tasting.

Remini concludes: “They are both wines that are perfectly suited to fish: especially Derù when tasting a fried starter or toasting the start of the food and wine experience. Col del Jevero, being a more structured wine and characterised by a fresh bouquet reminiscent of white flowers, peach, pineapple, mango and fresh herbs, goes well with starters, light first courses and of course to enhance the flavour of important fish dishes.