An autumn-flavoured recipe

Our Pavana grapes meet the flavours of the forest

With the arrival of autumn and the cool temperatures, we are rediscovering the pleasure of harvesting woodland produce to enjoy dishes rich in flavour, perhaps in front of a crackling fire.
To best enhance every nuance of flavour of any seasonal product, wine pairing is a must.

Today we offer you a wine that tastes of terroir, La Siesa del Merlo, a ruby red Pavana grape. We combine it with an easy recipe that tastes of autumn and, above all, can be made with 0 km products from the Valbelluna that go perfectly with it!

We choose La Siesa del Merlo for this gastronomic proposal because its complex, soft and intense taste gives the palate pleasant velvety sensations.
Its hints of small red fruits, black cherry and vanilla notes are perfect with mature cheeses.

Porcini risotto with Piave DOP and hazelnut granella

For 4 servings you will need:
1 l vegetable stock
180 g Carnaroli rice
180 g porcini mushrooms
125 g grated Piave ORO DPO cheese
½ shallot
1 clove of garlic
40 g mountain butter
toasted hazelnut kernels (Coop. La Fiorita)
pepper, salt
extra virgin olive oil

We harvest the mushrooms, cut them into small slices, cook them with a drop of oil and a clove of garlic and keep them aside. Chop the shallot and fry it with butter and a little oil.
Meanwhile, we bring the vegetable stock to the boil.
Add the rice to the shallot to toast it. After 2 minutes we start cooking the rice by adding a ladle of hot broth and the mushrooms.
We follow the cooking of the risotto, stirring continuously.
When the stock starts to be absorbed, we continue cooking by adding another ladle and so on for about 15 to 16 minutes (cooking time of the rice).
When the rice is cooked, we turn off the heat and cream it by adding the previously grated Piave DPO to the risotto. Adjust salt and pepper.
We cover the pan and let it rest 2 -3 minutes.
We plate the risotto using a flat plate and finish the dish with toasted hazelnut granules!